About this site

This is a fully static site built with Choo and Enoki. It is optimised for speed, reliability and accessibility.

It features the Inter typeset, serverless deployment by Now, a security certificate issued through Let's Encrypt, and is published on the decentralised web via Dat.

The site is made to operate on low power, generating 0.23g of carbon with each page view, and runs on clean renewable energy. I am working towards making this site even more efficient and lightweight, with the hopes of bringing each page view to < 0.10g of carbon emission.

All material on this site, including the code of the site itself, is available on Github. I give thanks to the original author Hunor Karamán for building the original site. All I have done is forked his original codebase and changed a few things to suit my needs under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.