Microme is a small scale indoor garden experiment ("micro-biome") for growing seedlings to be ready for the Summer. As a response to the declining population of bees, Microme has focused on growing Marigold flowers through the Winter for transplanting in the Summer.

The system currently consists of a low-power fluorescent light that is kept on 24/7, housed inside a lined box that consists of a variety of plants. Watering is done by hand, and the soil is kept rich using small amounts of organic coffee grounds.

I have never considered myself a green thumb by any means. Working on this system has allowed me to learn more about the possibilities of indoor gardening as a means of growing vegetables on a small scale. My dream would be to design and implement a kind of aquaponics system that could operate indoors or outdoors, growing seasonal plants and vegetables throughout the year.

The project is set to expand to include a greater variety of flora, automated watering and mulching, and be modular in design to allow for easy transport and set up.

Microme first week

Microme second week

Microme third week

Microme fourth week