Aion is an online education platform founded by Peter Wills and myself.

Early career teachers in Aotearoa are under great pressure to create their own resources from scratch, despite being the least experienced in the profession. Teachers want to share but there is currently no centralised system for sharing knowledge and material, and current systems in the form of mailing lists, Facebook Groups and Google Drive folders are scattered and closed off by default.

Aion is a free and open teacher sharing service built as a successor to now defunct sites such as Pond which, upon closing, closed off all hosted resources built up over the years with no method of archival. By being open by default through design and an API, content on Aion can be mass downloaded and archived should the site ever go dark.

The system is currently in a closed beta, with plans to open to the general public in a few weeks time. We intend on releasing and developing this system alongside the proposed NCEA changes from 2020, and work to expand the system to global markets.

New teachers, pre-service teachers, and those swapping courses need access to quality institutional knowledge and a way of distributing it. If you are interested in supporting our mission, contact us at